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Hypnosis at Wellspring Healing Arts

 Aileen Walsh, CH,CHI
to schedule text:


Sessions available online or in person
Beautiful private office at:
32 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY 12477 


About Me:

As a Hypnotist, I believe in meeting you where you are and using your strengths and interests to assist you in reaching your goals.

My background as an artist, energy healer and counselor inform my work.  These skills allow me to find uniquely effective ways to empower you in meeting your challenges and overcoming any stumbling blocks.  

Throughout my work I have enabled adults and children to meet their goals joyfully and creatively.

As you embark on an inventive journey through the use of hypnosis, you return to child like wonder where your dreams may come true.



Are you ready to take the next step?

Believe and Achieve with Hypnosis 

Eagle Flying

Wellspring Hypnosis offers  a variety of creative/meditative tools designed to make your experience enjoyable, personally meaningful and effective.


 These self healing methods allow you to reach the state of receptivity needed to let go of limitations and engage the subconscious and super conscious mind toward change.


Hypnosis is an Effective Tool for:

Enhancing Creativity

Manifesting Specific Goals

Self Confidence for Success

Stress Reduction

Letting go of Fears and Phobias

Improving Test Taking...

Services Offered:


Initial Hypnosis Session

1 hour 30 min



Hypnosis Session

1 hour appointment after the intake/initial appointment



Hypnosis Package

Book intake and 3 follow up

appointments together for a discount



Art and hypnosis

1 hour appointment after the intake/initial appointment



Self Hypnosis Workshops

book series of 3 or single workshop

learn the art of self hypnosis a self healing tool to assist you successfully reach your goals

75-90 minute class

$25 single class

$70 for 3 classes

dates: To be announced

text 845-853-9090 if interested

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